Fluidit 2.0 Change log


Feature #94: Fetch FMI data
Feature #291: Allow choosing the time period shown in time series and other figures
Feature #292: Allow calculating custom time length minima, maxima, average etc. for variables in schematics
Feature #407: Add support for show data from other Fluidit models and Dataport
Feature #666: Main plants and plants now support forecasting the temperature used for controlling the supply temperature & power output
Feature #668: Added specific pumping energy result for Water
Feature #669: Added support for dynamic start and end time calculations in schematic figures (on both variable and series, i.e. calculation context, levels)
Feature #670: Allow showing the number of components in each visualizer, including the number of components per color class
Feature #671: Visualizer color classes are now rendered in user-specified order: either largest values on top or smallest values on top
Feature #672: It is now possible to show the default color limit and the component count in result visualizers
Feature #673: Added support for per visualizer pre-processing JavaScript code called before filter
Feature #674: Re-made cross-section figure with plethora of new features
Feature #679: [BACKPORTED] Added play button for automatically increasing the time step every 750 ms
Feature #680: [BACKPORTED] The color editors now allow to choose the opacity/transparency of the colors
Feature #681: Added support for EcmaScript 6 for all the JavaScript codes in the UI
Feature #682: The not-specified, i.e. NaN, values, normally shown as a ? symbol, are now shown as blanks instead
Feature #683: Added support for reordering series in Schematic charts by dragging the tab titles
Feature #684: [BACKPORTED] Improve the plant component stability when dP control is being used
Feature #685: [BACKPORTED] Use new density function for water that properly covers temperatures from 0.01 to 180°C
Feature #687: [BACKPORTED] Loads of improvements to the flood result layer behavior
Feature #688: Added a tool for automatically calculating and showing a storage basin based on DEM
Feature #689: Scenario-specific DEMs
Feature #690: User-modifiable DEMs
Feature #691: Contour layer creation from any raster layer
Feature #692: Export any layer(s) as geocoded raster
Feature #694: Added support for sparse DEMs from any vector source
Feature #695: Added support for accurate (sub reporting time step analysed) pump running time and number of startups results
Feature #696: Warn the user if the components they are adding won’t be visible
Feature #697: Added support for always drawing link control devices, regardless of the zoom
Feature #698: Added support for custom date/time format and date axis tick angle for time series figures
Feature #700: [BACKPORTED] Show hydraulic simulator warnings after the simulation is complete
Feature #701: Quality results are now reported for links too in Water and Heat
Feature #702: Water & Heat: Pressure breaking valve now always causes head loss instead of head gain to negative direction (the EPANET default)
Feature #703: Scenario-specific simulation start, end and report start time and reporting time steps
Feature #704: Two-way 1D-2D coupling in Flood simulations
Feature #705: More fine-grained roughness & imperviousness values for 2D flood simulations
Feature #706: Simulate (selected) flood models along with the network simulation
Feature #707: Added heat loss coefficients for tanks and accumulators
Feature #708: Added separate heat transfer coefficient for supply->return pipe heat transfer
Feature #710: Added design rain tool
Feature #712: Added new Results Tray window for showing results, properties and custom expressions for the selection in a table
Feature #713: Added full support for US customary units and multiple fixes for different flow units
Feature #714: [BREAKING] Converted all W, W/km, Wh/m³ and Wh results to kW based units – mainly this changes hydraulic power and results derived from it
Feature #715: Disable sending property change events in field calculators, if more than 100 components are selected
Feature #716: WGS84 is now used as the default CRS for GeoJSON, if none is specified/recognized in the file
Feature #717: Improvements and addition of units to property descriptions in many different component and layer types
Feature #719: Loads of property description updates, including addition and checking units
Feature #720: Added a note on the need to reload the model after changing the model units
Feature #721: Image and Elevation layers are queryable now (the value can be shown in status bar and layer used in Contours)
Feature #722: Clicking a component in Profile Window with CTRL/CMD/ALT down selects the components (the properties can be then modified)
Feature #723: Select tool & vertex editing improvements: selection honors the visualizer order, selected component has always priority for editing vertices, selecting component by any means selects it in the select tool too
Feature #726: Added pressure class property for pipe/conduit and material components
Feature #728: Delete and unload scenario result actions with multiple selected scenarios at once
Feature #730: Added support for reordering series in chart figure via drag’n’drop
Feature #731: Added support for showing results of all the post-processing phases for variables in figures
Feature #732: Select tool improvements: CTRL/CMD+right click shows menu of all components below the mouse
Feature #734: Properties panel now has buttons for changing the active component from the selection (and arrow keys work too)
Feature #736: Profile Figure now allows to select the priority components, for which the results are always shown
Feature #737: Profile Figure now allows to show adjecent results with different colors to make reading the figure easier
Feature #739: Always use different cursor for different map view tools to visually distinguish what tool is active
Feature #741: Multiple libraries and frameworks updated (NetBeans RCP to 12.4, Kotlin to 1.4.32, GeoTools to 24.3 etc.)
Feature #742: The supported Java versions are now 11-17
Feature #743: Added proper Windows installers with bundled Java runtime environment to avoid a lot of installation problems
Feature #744: A warning is shown when adding many components as Schematic serieses/variables (as the operation can be slow and usually unwanted)
Feature #746: Added new compressing time series, that removes the gaps in the data in time dimension. E.g. if there is a missing day, the data after the missing day is shifted back with 24 h.
Feature #747: Added new tool for replacing given component in figure calculation context(s) with another component
Feature #749: Added full support for calling/operating the software with a Python script passed in from the command line
Feature #750: Added an action for replacing start and end time expressions in all serieses & calculation context in the selected figures
Feature #751: Added support for various supply temperature relative curves in Heat
Feature #753: Add support for showing any schematic view chart in a separate pop up window (this allows zooming in and out, copying values etc.)
Feature #754: Added support for showing result charts from property sheet results tab by right clicking the result name
Feature #755: Each drawing state can now have own overrides for the global color & size scales
Feature #756: Add support for copying property, result and external system names to the clipboard from the Properties panel (right-click)
Feature #757: Reorganize the component menus, add separators etc.
Feature #758: Added “Clear Value” action to the Property Panel popup menu for nullable properties
Feature #759: Honor the Excel formatting of numbers when importing data to string values
Feature #760: Add support for multiline and complex expressions in CalculationContext (i.e. Schematic figures).
Feature #761: Import Features from Model can now import data from models stored in directories too
Feature #763: Greatly improved Simulation Report viewer with ability to jump directly certain section and with search functionality
Feature #764: Greatly improved Python editor panels with find & replace support etc.
Feature #769: Added validator for valve connectivity and control device settings.
Feature #770: Ensure stable sorting of the quality parameters and zones when exporting data & saving the model
Feature #771: More efficient and robust parallel simulations: affects, for example, pipe burst simulator and optimizations
Feature #773: Improved Orifice and Weir components: better property descriptions, added some missing properties, change shape based on type, show only allowed share types etc.
Feature #774: Fix / improve the layout of the Assign Demands/Inflows dialog
Feature #776: Change the default rain format to (safer) intensity instead of volume.
Feature #777: Adding simulation validation errors and warnings to conduits with FORCE_MAIN shape
Feature #778: Adding some simulation validators to catchment components
Feature #779: Add btu/h and hp power units. Add support for specifying the heat loss coefficient in US customary units: btu/h ft °F.
Feature #780: Use more meaningful default values for model parameters.
Feature #781: Added initial support for (explicit) power control in both plant types
Feature #782: Add support for (user-controllable) dP hysteresis value for control devices.
Feature #783: Add support for supply temperature relative curves for power, return temperature and cooling.
Feature #784: Added support for critical pressure in junctions.
Feature #785: Added support for storing the number of floors for demands.
Feature #786: Add support for control device for Heat Exchangers – i.e. the heat exchanger will automatically set the flow setting for the given pump/valve to meet the set power
Feature #787: Improved the accuracy and workings of the linked heat exchanger temperature limits (for both primary and secondary exchangers)
Feature #788: Explicitly close the pumps at the plants, when the setting is zero to avoid batteries causing unneeded extra iterations
Feature #789: Added EPANET status results for Heat control devices, as they can be useful while debugging the model
Feature #790: Improved hydraulic simulator report for Heat simulations (less unneeded cruft)
Feature #791: Added support for both cumulative and intensity rains in the flood simulation (and old, lingering change).
Feature #793: Added support for simulating multiple flood model areas at once
Feature #794: GIT: Added support for large file support (LFS)
Feature #795: 2D flood simulations now support reporting time series results for points
Feature #796: 2D flood simulations now support reporting time series results for lines
Feature #797: Software now automatically uses up to 60 % of the available RAM
Feature #799: Heat now supports specifying relative heat capacity, density and viscosity w.r.t water’s properties
Feature #800: Add visualizer and add background layer menus are now grouped and reorganized for better accessibility
Feature #801: Improvements to background layer behavior: adding layers under any layer works now, duplicate layer allows duplicating multiple layers at once, it is possible to modify attribution strings for WFS/WMS layers, new/duplicate layer ordering is better
Feature #802: Improved profile figure behavior when showing crossing irregular conduits, orifices and weirs
Feature #803: Added support for tank mixing models
Feature #804: Added support for Esri’s extensions to available coordinate systems
Feature #805: Field calculators will perform type conversion to numbers, booleans and strings automatically
Feature #806: Main plant static head can now be specified as pressure too
Feature #807: Profile figures now allow creating a legend for the select scenarios and their colors; blue and (red in Heat) not used for scenario colors
Feature #808: Demands and control device settings can now be given directly using time series
Feature #809: Pressure result added for demands & min/max demand pressure result added for junctions
Feature #810: Data source positions can now be grouped in a tree of locations
Feature #811: Updated the handling of raster data sources for better resource use
Feature #812: Component user data can now be shown and edited directly in the UI too
Feature #813: Import components to model can directly import any attributes to user data
Feature #814: Import features now supports importing external systems, zones and zone types too
Feature #815: All curve properties and editors only show the supported curve types
Feature #816: Added icons for different visualizer types
Feature #817: Profile figures now allow the user to disable/enable horizontal and vertical location lines
Feature #818: 2D flood simulations now support reporting time series results for areas
Feature #820: 2D flood simulator supports culvert component moving water between two locations in the model
Feature #821: User can now choose the 2D flood simulator to be used (OpenMP or OpenCL) from options
Feature #823: Basic style editing support added for vector background layers
Feature #824: Full support added for vector sources with multiple layers in import and background layers
Feature #825: Improved vector format support: geopackage, geojson and gml (+shape files and other more traditional) formats now work consistently everywhere 
Feature #826: (Large) models and scenarios open now much faster: optimizations + results are loaded separately in the background
Feature #827: GIT: greatly improved merging capabilities and major stability improvements
Feature #828: Added support for Java 17 and Mac OS BigSur+
Feature #829: Huge amounts of UI and property description polishing
Feature #830: Import dialog usability improvements
Feature #831: Proper JavaScript editor with object inspector added for visualizer filters, pre-processing and label expressions, find components and schematics start and end times, post-processing and expressions

Major bug fixes

Bug #675: [BACKPORTED] Fixed importing point components using x and y coordinates from Excel workbooks, when coordinate transformation is needed
Bug #676: [BACKPORTED] Git had problems initializing the repo for an existing simulated model
Bug #677: [BACKPORTED] Some times the profile figure shows pipe/conduit start node’s textual results where end node’s results would be shown
Bug #678: [BACKPORTED] Fixed video exporting and schematic exporting (e.g. hydrant analysator) issues
Bug #686: [BACKPORTED] Various fixes and improvements for computational and grouped layers
Bug #699: [BACKPORTED] Virtual DEM doesn’t actually return the calculated elevation, if elevation source is not set
Bug #711: Fixed “none” chart type in time series figures – the type should make the series invisible in the chart
Bug #718: Various fixes for Profile Figures, Split Evenly etc. when using coordinate system length unit of which doesn’t match the model units
Bug #724: Improvements to the Import Dialog automap columns behaviour & reloading the column assignments done previously
Bug #725: Fix using other than active scenario in map figure (ensure the scenario + results are always loaded)
Bug #727: Fix copying result property value in labelers from other model
Bug #729: Fixed importing updating/updating external systems via Import Components dialog
Bug #733: Various general fixes and improvements for the GIT support
Bug #735: Fixed model tree sometimes shows HTML escape sequences for <, > and &
Bug #738: Robustness fixes for Sewer Generate Pump Curves and Pump Station Capacity Analysis tools
Bug #740: Component tables now properly sort NaN values and also do that without causing any warnings
Bug #745: GIT: If “.nogit”-file exists, don’t open as Git repo, even if the folder is actually a GIT repo
Bug #748: GIT LF line endings are always used in Windows too, regardless of the user GIT settings
Bug #752: Fix various problems causing the result windows stopping working
Bug #762: Enable deleting Python code directories from the model tree; various other fixes for showing the files & directories
Bug #765: Don’t validate the Python Control Station names as they are not used in the simulator
Bug #772: Fix min, max and avg rainfall results for Scenario and RainGage components.
Bug #775: Show area result for all areas in Sewer too
Bug #819: Demand multiplier and leak pattern now properly inherit in all scenario tree (backwards incompatible change!)
Bug #822: WFS layers are now fixed