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Let cities thrive

We work diligently to upkeep the health of cities by taking care of their vital flows of heating and cooling, water supply, stormwater and wastewater.

Having fun while saving the world

Laziness is the mother of all innovation and has driven the founders of Fluidit to learn to program. Software innovations are all about doing things better especially in the very traditional field of infrastructure management. Idealism and chance created Fluidit.

Let people thrive

In Fluidit, we believe in better tomorrow! Do you want to help us bring that future here sooner and faster? While technology can solve many problems, innovations don’t fly far without professional personnel supporting their implementation. People are at the core of technological innovation.

We believe in lowering barriers at work and giving each employee a mission to flourish. Our approach is to provide our employees with the freedom to choose their working preferences — we support them the best we can and value each individual. We want to let our people thrive!