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Partner with Fluidit

Do you want to create smarter cities with us? Start by becoming our partner. Together we can let cities thrive.

Why should you join us?

Dedicated Support

We pride ourselves on delivering first-class support to our partners and customers.

Marketing Support

We provide top-notch materials to support our partner’s marketing efforts.

Lead Sharing

We strive for mutual success by sharing opportunities with our partners in their local areas.

Advanced Training

We offer extensive live and online training to our partners. We want to provide a simple and easy way to learn not just about our software but also our core values.

Partner Portal

Our upcoming partner portal will offer the resources our partners need to succeed, such as extensive documentation and training modules.


We treasure our partnerships. Together we can achieve sustainable growth and strive for resilient cities.

Shared resources worldwide

Join our team of authorized partners from all over the world and get quick access to critical resources, all in one place.


Timo Ranta-Pere
+358 50 524 0959