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Hydraulic modeling software

We are developing the basis for smart cities. Our cutting-edge hydraulic modeling portfolio is specifically designed to solve urban infrastructure issues creatively and analytically. We empower modelers, engineers, and decision-makers to simulate water and energy systems, prepare for the future and make the best decisions – every day.

Solutions for water and energy systems

We think that water and energy are inseparable. Fluidit has developed a state-of-art software suite that uniquely caters to the complex interactions of urban water and energy systems. Fluidit’s intuitive and highly flexible user interface is shared between all our products, ensuring quick learning no matter which software you grab. Learn one – know all of them.

For water distribution systems

For district energy systems

For stormwater systems

For pumping stations and sewer systems

Additional solutions to enhance your Fluidit experience

Our cutting-edge software reaches its maximum potential when paired with additional solutions that add functionality and flexibility to your user experience.

Access your models anywhere

Speed up your workflow and focus on what matters

Focus your time and energy on analysis and problem solving – not on model building and simulations. Enjoy our streamlined model building tools and ultra-fast simulations that help you complete modeling tasks efficiently. At the same time, the software intuitively expands your capabilities by providing exciting methods for comprehensive data analytics.

Get your message across

Let your creativity free with fully customizable visualizations and share them with your team. Develop animated presentations that help you to communicate your data and results so that everyone understands. Presentations and maps automatically update based on selected results or scenarios, making shifting between design options a breeze.

Work together with your current software

Fluidit software is compatible with the best open-source libraries and the industry-leading SWMM and EPANET platforms approved by governments worldwide. Enjoy the benefits of excellent file compatibility and flexible user interface that make exchanging GIS data and results straightforward. You can convert network models created in other software into modern Fluidit models unlimited in size and features.

Learn more every day

The beauty of Fluidit software lies in the intuitive modeling environment, enhancements and integrations that make modeling a fast, intuitive, and fun process. We want you to push boundaries, work creatively and enjoy the magic of comprehension.

Go beyond ordinary

Fluidit users reap the benefits of our fast software development cycle and the latest technological advancements. The world evolves, and so do we. Would you like a new feature or a third-party integration? Let’s discuss, and we might be able to help you sooner than you believe.

    1.Speed up your workflow and focus on what matters
    2.Get your message across
    3.Work together with your current software
    4.Learn more every day
    5.Go beyond ordinary

Professional support from modeler to modeler

No matter where your project is, you will get prompt expert technical support from our friendly team of professional engineers who use the software every day. Access FAQ, Wiki, and attend our webinars. This is just the beginning, so hop on.

Our goal

“Since the beginning of Fluidit, our passion has been to develop cutting-edge software tools that help utilities plan for the changing climate, population growth and water crisis. Our goal is to make societies more resilient and sustainable by optimizing utility networks.”